Thursday, August 2, 2007

Healthy Eating

People who eat in unhealthy ways have many bad habits in common, but number one on this list is eating when they are not really hungry. Hunger is something that happens when your body needs fuel, and it is the pang we feel in our stomachs when we haven't eaten all day, often accompanied by noises. However, even when your stomach is growling, it is important to remember that most of us have enough body fat to survive for many days.

Hunger is something that is as mental as it is physical, and because of this, dieters must learn to overcome it. Many things occur to make you think that you are hungry. Food is most often prepared in a very appetizing way, especially in restaurants or on television commercials. Food that smells or looks good does not make you hungry, it simply makes you desire food. This goes a long way when you are already eating. If you are dieting, try to stop eating when you feel satisfied, instead of continuing to eat just because the food tastes good.A number of people also "feel hungry" when they are stressed or worried about things in life. The term "comfort food" refers to the foods we eat that make us feel better. This is usually something from our childhood or something that reminds us of a parent. When you eat because you are stressed, you are not eating because you are hungry. Therefore, stress can be a very detrimental thing to your diet. If you are trying to start a healthier lifestyle, try to reduce the stress from your life as well.

People eat when they are not hungry for a variety of other reasons as well. Often times, food is a way to relieve boredom. If you find yourself wondering to the kitchen many times a day for little snacks, this is probably the case. Simply try to stay out of the kitchen. You may also eat when you're not hungry because certain foods are associated with certain events. Popcorn, for instance, is associated with watching a movie, so you may be tempted to buy the jumbo bucket at the theatre even though you may have just eaten a satisfying dinner. There is no easy fix to bad habits that make you eat when you're not hungry-it is simply imperative that you see food as something that can be good for your body at the right times and a harmful drug at other times. The first step in any addictive process is realizing these habits and attempting to stop.

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