Sunday, October 10, 2010

Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair has been a problem ever since and especially for women. However, these days even men look up to grooming equally as women and wish to get rid of unwanted hair. There are a number of methods that have been used for hair removal like threading, waxing, hair removing creams etc. But none of these methods has resulted in permanent hair removal. However, with the help of laser technology permanent hair removal is possible and you can have a smooth hairless skin.

Laser hair removal works for both men and women equally and works for both small as well as large areas. But there are certain limitations to the use of laser hair removal and not everyone can take up this treatment.

Who is eligible for a laser hair removal treatment?
When you approach a laser hair removal center then they would first check whether you are a suitable candidate to undergo a laser hair removal or not. Ideally a laser hair removal treatment is considered to best suit people who have a light skin color in comparison to the color of their hair. Moreover, it is also thought to be ideal for people who are fair and have a light skin color.

For determining whether you are a suitable candidate for laser hair removal the doctor would usually check your skin and hair color. It is considered that people who have a dark skin color absorb a lot of laser radiation and hence are not considered to be ideally suited for laser hair removal treatment.

At times laser hair specialists also do not consider people who are tanned and those who have light colored hair for this treatment."> When you take up laser hair removal treatment you are required to meet the doctor for multiple sessions and more than this the treatment is expensive and you should be able to meet the cost of the treatment.

Doctors or specialists doing the laser hair removal treatment usually advise their clients to avoid having foods that have high content of beta-carotene during the time when they are undergoing laser hair removal.

How much does the laser hair removal treatment cost ?

The cost of laser hair removal can vary greatly. Usually the cost is assessed according to the size of the area that is being treated. If you take up laser hair removal treatment in Washington DC then you can be charged almost $300 to $500 for every treatment session. Generally the permanent laser hair removal treatment requires 4 treatment sessions.

If you are considering a laser hair removal treatment for a larger area like your back or arms of legs then you can be charged more for this. Treating small areas like eyebrows, upper lip, forehead would cost you a lesser amount.

It is advised that before you make an appointment with the laser hair removal specialist you should confirm the price and other details so that you would know that you can afford taking the treatment.

The process of laser hair removal
When you go in for laser hair removal then you would have to in for various sessions depending upon the area that is being treated and the specialist who is handling your treatment.

Multiple sessions are required because there are a number of dormant hair follicles under the skin that needs to be killed. If these follicles were left like that then they would replace the follicles that had been killed in the previous session. For making this hair removal permanent it is important that you go in for multiple sessions.

The duration of each of these sessions varies on the area that is being treated and can vary from a few minutes to hours. The treatment does not involve much of pain and you would just have a tingling sensation. However at times when patients have pain the specialist would prescribe certain painkillers.

When you go for treatment the excess hair on the area of treatment is removed and the area is exposed to the pulsing laser beam to destroy the hair follicles. Once this is done then the specialist would provide you with a soothing moisturizing treatment.

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lilyruth said...

THis Laser hair remover sure beats the old fashion way when you had to pull out the unwanted hairs with your tweezers.. HA HA HA OUCH!!!

Skutt Panda PO said...

iam no love myself :)) but is good idea :)

Daniela Theresa said...

Laser Hair Removal is now one of the most common ways to get rid of unwanted hair, and done right, can definitely provide Permanent Hair Removal.I'll consider it as my first option.

Julia said...

I can't agree with you Daniela Theresa....why?
Because laser hair removal, even if it's the most effective hair removal method it doesn't provide permanent results.
Usually when you go for such a treatment all doctors will promise you that the result will be permanent and they know that it's gonna be long lasting and not permanent.
When I decided to have such a treatment I chose Skin Vitality cosmetic clinic, because here I found the only doctor that told me laser hair removal is not permanent but it does provide long lasting results.