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Hair Laser Removal In Virginia

In recent years, laser clinics, medical spas, and plastic surgeons’ offices have been quite loose with their use of the term “permanent hair removal.” The question is what do they mean by permanent? While lasers are FDA approved, the FDA does not allow for the marketing of technologies and services that state permanent hair removal. This is because technologies like laser hair removal provide a permanent reduction of hair growth up to 90%, give or take 10%. This means that you shouldn’t expect to permanently remove every single hair from the targeted area; however, you can expect to remove the vast majority of it. Hence, the FDA’s use of the term “permanent hair reduction” rather than permanent hair removal. For the few cases that hair does grow back, the hair that grows in is usually lighter and finer. Still we cannot say hair lasers are permanent without acknowledging the possibility of that 10%. However, when you stack that 10% against waxing or tweezing, the reduction in hair and hair removal costs is mind-boggling. Simply stated, laser treatments at the moment offer as close to permanent results as you’re able to get, making it the most permanent solution on the market.

A treatment that can be considered completely permanent is electrolysis. Because electrolysis works follicle by follicle, utilizing a small needle with electrical current, it is safe to say that the individual follicle treated will be permanently removed. While electrolysis is considered highly effective for small areas such as the upper lip and chin, the advent of laser technology has made electrolysis less than ideal for larger areas such as full facial hair removal or bikini hair removal. Lasers, on the other hand, offer control and efficiency for large areas, especially the back and full legs. Imagine having to sit through multiple sessions of electrolysis when you’re treating your full legs or back! Additionally, electrolysis can be quite painful and can cause skin discoloration in darker skin tones.

Check out what the Food and Drug Administration has to say about hair laser technology and permanent hair reduction.
Growth Cycles

Take a look at your arm! Did you know that your hair grows in stages? Laser treatments to so long to achieve permanent results because hair grows at different stages. Hair needs to be at the optimal growth stage in order to be effected by the lasers light. If the hair is in resting, shedding, or invisible stage, it will not be effected by the laser's light and in turn will not be permanent

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Our guide offers a convenient resource for all things related to permanent laser hair removal. If you're strongly considering laser hair removal, we suggest you research the procedure through credible sources and also attend a consultation with 2-3 local providers before making a final decision. Since the consultations with our network of hair removal professionals are complimentary, you have nothing to lose!

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A new wave of technology is growing in the healthand beauty industry. Laser hair removal has been aroundfor quite some time, however, the latest and more advancedprocedure available has been attracting many new patientswho want to get rid of unwanted hair. If you're acandidate for laser hair removal, one thing to consideris whether or not it's in your budget.

Price is Not Everything
First you must choose who you will consult with for theprocedure. Make sure the physician and/or technician whowill be performing the procedure comes with highrecommendations from previous patients. Althoughlaser hair removal is not considered a high risksurgery, it's still a very detailed procedure whichrequires expertise to perform precisely. Ask forreferences, and follow up on the references you receive.Find out if past customers were satisfied with theservices and results. Ask if the procedure was painlessand effective. Find out if there were side effects,and how severe. Each individual will be unique, soit's good to ask several people before reaching adecision.

Price may or may not be the determining factor. You'llneed to weigh the price against service. Obviously,if you have two providers who both come highlyrecommended, you might choose the less expensive one!

Although each physician, clinic or technician is goingto be uniquely priced when performing laser hair removalprocedures, below is a detailed guide of what you mightexpect to pay if you're considering laser hair removal.

Priced by the Region
In the U.S., the price you'll pay for laser hair removalwill often be determined by where you live. Everyregion has its own "cost of living" structure which oftenreflects how services or products are priced. As ofthe year 2001, these were the typical prices (pertreatment) for each region, but with new technologyand simpler solutions many regions have decreasedslightly in price since.

Western U.S.: Estimated average of between $450 - $500
Eastern U.S.: Estimated average of between $450 - $500
Southern U.S.: Estimated average of between $300 - $350
Midwestern U.S.: Estimated average of between $500 - $550
As you can see, the southern U.S. pricing average wassubstantially less than the other regions.

Priced by the Hair Removal Need
Another way pricing is determined for laser hair removalis by individual need. For example, where you need thehair removed makes a difference as well as how much hair.

Below is a brief guide to estimated procedure costs:
Among the lower priced procedures are the nose, ears andhands which can range from $30 to $50 per visit.Next are the chin, upper lip, mid-brows, sideburns andneck (front or back) which normally range from $50 to$100 per visit.

Procedures which normally cost well over $100 are theface, scalp, underarms, abs, arms, upper arms, chest,back, legs, and bikini. There are also entire bodyhair removal procedures which can average between $700and $1300 per visit.

Priced by the Visit

Remember that you'll have to make multiple visits tocomplete the procedure. Normally, three to five visitsare required with the first visit being the highestin price. The procedure prices mentioned above areeach based on the first visit costs. The visits becomeless expensive each go.

Many providers offer touch-up visits as well, whichcan be priced up to three or four times less thanthe first visit.

The reason for the vast price differences in someprocedures is ultimately the time and/or difficultyinvolved. For example, removing hair from a mid browwould take far less time than removing entire facialhair. Some areas of the body are more sensitive ordifficult to reach and therefore, would take extracare when performing laser hair removal.

Keep in mind that many providers are now offeringspecial combined rates to save the patient money.For example, if it's estimated that you'll needfour visits, you might receive a discount offof your total price in a prepaid package. This,again, will vary by provider, region and procedure.

This guide is not meant to give exact pricing forany particular provider, but simply as a guide togive you a general idea of how laser hair removalis priced.

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